Newsletter No.57

My Dear Members, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I am honored and it is a privilege to write this short message for the newsletter as the President. First of all I would like to thank all CCM for their support and confidence entrusted to me.
My special thanks and heart-felt gratitude to each and every past President, the CCM members, the Advisory Board Members & dedicated staff members for their diligent contributions and tireless efforts in laying a firm foundation and charting the roadmap in making PAAM to what it is today.

I joined the alumni in 2004 upon completion of the Logistics Management Program in Yokohama- Japan. In the subsequent term I was elected the position of Honorary General Secretary and never had dreamt that I will become the 6th President today.

With the dedicated new team and a good blend of new and senior members, I strongly believe that we can achieve more. All members of the Central Committee are committed and will play an active role in contributing in to the continued success of PAAM. We are now in the process of getting a Structured Plan in implementing the “YEAR PLAN & ROADMAP for PAAM” so that activities and programs can be well executed with the team effort. The objective is to realize the goal of “Getting Everyone Involved”

We shall continue to uphold the status and good name of PAAM, and further promote and enhance various
activities to achieve greater heights for the benefit of the community and members at large.

On this note, I sincerely thank all members and wishing you all good health and happiness always.

CL Yang. PJM


New committee 2008 – 20 10
The Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia successfully conducted its
23rd Annual General Meeting on 20th April 2008 at a hotel in Shah Alam.

The new Central Committee Members for term 2008-2010 are:

PresidentMr. Yang Chor Leong
Vice PresidentMr. Lim Eng Swee
Honorary GeneralMr. Yap Choon Ming
Honorary Assistant General SecretaryMs. Maggie Yap Cheng Hong
Honorary TreasurerMr. Tan Teng Ek
TreasurerMr. Khor Kai Tong
Committee MembersMr. A. Aziz Y. Kamaruddin
Mr. Zakaria Mohd Rahim
Mr. Subramaniam Narayanan
Mr. Balaganesh G. Pavadai
Mr. Yang Chor Leong
Mr. Siao Kent Wah
Mr. Mohd Hakim Mohd Nor
Mr. Lee Eh Sin
Honorary AuditorsMs. Sharon Lim

 En. Aziz giving his welcome address

 Group photo: New Central Committee Members (CCM) and three PAAM ex-Presidents
Tea Talk
“How to Set Goals & Live a Balanced Life”
organized in conjunction with 23rd Annual General Meeting
on 20th April 2008

 The motivational talk in session.

 En.Ahmad Ramli,the speaker,receiving a token of appreciation from En.Aziz Kamaruddin.



Special program for Afro-Asian Entrepreneurs (AAEP) 2008
Date : 12th – 20th Feb. 2008
Venue : Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

Special program for Afro-Asian Entrepreneurs (AAEP) 2008

Date : 12th – 20th Feb. 2008
Venue : Melia Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

A photo to remember

The event-organizing team were:

Mr. Yap Choon Ming, (Organizing Chairman)

Mr. Yang Chor Leong (Project Manager)

Ms. Maggie Yap (Chief Coordinator)

Mr. K.T Khor (Treasurer)

Ms. Angela & Ms. Siti (Coordinators/staff members)

The opening ceremony for this program was graced by Acting High Commissioner of Ghana Madam Akua Sekyiwa Ahenkora representing Ghana High Commission (KL). Apart from many study tours to our local factories, participants of the 8 day entrepreneurship program attended the following lectures, delivered by our own resource pool:-

1) Japanese Way of Learning by Ms. Tomoko Takahashi

2) Total Quality Management by En. A. Aziz Y. Kamaruddin

3) Supply Chain Management by Mr. Kenny Simon Lee

4) Entrepreneurship by Mr. Eric Koh

5) Inventory & Logistics Management by Mr. Alan Lai

This program had initially attracted a total of 18 participants but due to last minute withdrawal and other unforeseen circumstance, we had to been content with a final list of 11 participants.

The participants were:

1. Mr. Nana Asiendu-Kotwi – Head of Procurement, Public Procurement Board

2. Mr. Stephen Yeboah-Ampedu– Senior Operations Officer, Public Procurement Board

3. Mr. Adams Alhassan – Administrative Manager, Timber Ind. Development

4. Mr. Godfried Amankwah – Head of Data Processing Unit, Timber Ind. Development Division, Forestry Commission

5. Mr. Loveland Delali Agbo – Director, Alfadel Consult

6. Mr. Timothy Mbia-Coleman – Sectional Manager (T&D), Electricity Company of Ghana

7. Mr. Elvis Agyeman Fosu – Managing Director, Ellfasons Cons. & Trad. Enterprise Ltd

8. Mr. Louis Kofi Maglo – Director, St. Louis Electrical Eng. & Const. Co. Ltd.

9. Mr. Adam Shehu Wumbei – Managing Director, SMICE International Ltd.

10. Ms. Fati Wumbei – Managing Director, NDIBO Enterprise

11. Mr. John Asane Mensah – Managing Director, Sasane Ventures

The program exposed the 11 participants to the various management techniques and best practices e.g. 5S Management and Kaizen, etc. To reinforce the lectures, factory visits were arranged to the Nippon Paint (Shah Alam), Teck See Plastics (Bangi) and Autolive Hirotako (Seri Kembangan) which were eye-opening experience to most of the participants. The program was not all work and no play. A full-day sightseeing/tour to the city center and Putrajaya/Cyberjaya was also organized to enable the participants to enjoy the beauty and special cultural aspects of our country.

The program was a great success with everything executed as planned without any major hitches. All the participants left for home greatly impressed with this program. Of greater importance were the interaction and networking gained both by the Africans as well as our local entrepreneurs/members throughout the session.

Reported by : CL Yang
AAEP 2008 Project Manager


By: Yap Choon Ming

Viruses are programs that you unwittingly store on your hard disk,
where they can open and cause havoc.
They are self replicating and may be passe / from one PC to another.
But you can take steps to minimize infection.

This article is to create awareness within our membership on the various viruses currently in circulation and how to detect them and prevent your PCs being attacked and your databases being destroyed. Viruses are programs that you unwittingly store on your hard disk, where they can open and cause havoc. They are self replicating and may be passed from one PC to another. But you can take steps to minimize infection. Virus protection programs will destroy most viruses and help shield you from future infection.


Macro Viruses are the most common, with names like Concept, Nuclear, and Laroux. They are written in a Macro – a sequence of instructions – attached to a Word or Excel file. If you open an infected document, the macro virus writes itself into your copy of Word or Excel, and then infects all future documents created by you. Some strains of Word macro virus propagate by e-mail, using Outlook Express to send copies of themselves to names randomly chosen from your address book.

Versions of Word and Excel from Office 97 onward warn you of the possible presence of macros in files to be opened and offer to disable them.

Boot-sector viruses were best known in the days of the Disk Operating System (DOS). They still exist in large numbers, surviving in your hard disk’s boot sector – where the files used to start up your PC are stored. A boot sector virus becomes active each time you start up – or restart – your PC. Once active, it will copy itself onto every floppy disk inserted into your PC.

File-infecting viruses are also known as parasitic viruses. While they are more common under DOS, some Windows file viruses exist as well. They lurk inside a program .When you run it, the virus starts meddling with your RAM, and then infect the other programs that you run.
Viruses known as worms spread copies of themselves over networked computers. While they can replicate themselves and use memory, they can’t spread by attaching themselves to other viruses. The notorious Internet Worm of 1988 spread to thousands of machines in a few days, and marked the first time that users were concerned about viruses over the Net.

A multipartite virus combines boot-sector and file-infecting viruses. It is found within an executable program. When the program is run, the virus infects the hard drive’s boot sector.

Polymorphic viruses are viruses that attempt to escape detection by changing their form each time they spread.

Strictly speaking, Trojan horses are not viruses since they don’t replicate. They tend to be hidden inside programs, usually games, and they display a message, erase files, or lose data.
You can get rid of them just by deleting them.

Script viruses are written in script programming languages, like Visual Basic Script and JavaScript.
They can be caught by opening a .vbs or .is file, or they can be embedded into the HTML or a web page. In theory, just opening a web page could cause infection, though there are no confirmed reports of this happening – yet.

In the next issue of Newsletter PAAM, we will discuss

the following aspects of prevention from virus:

i. Methods of infection

ii. How to avoid viruses

iii. Top 10 warning signs

To be continued …

Source of the above article:
unknown internet website

Nihngo wo benkyoshimasho
Let’s learn Japanese

The following are some useful greetings that you can use in your interactions
with Japanese-speaking friends:


Good MorningOhayo Gozaimasu
Good AfternoonKonnichiwa
Good EveningKonban Wa
Good Night
Good ByeSayonara
Thank YouArigato Gozaimasu
Excuse MeSumimasen
PleaseOnegai Shimasu


Intensive Japanese Language Courses (In-House)
for Panasonic Electronic Devices (M) Sdn. Bhd.

from 19 Nov 2007 – 30 Jan 2008.

Two students with Sejima sensei.. .

Learning Japanese in 3 months
If you are thinking of doing business with Japanese companies or working / planning to work for a Japanese organization or sending your staff / children for training or education in Japan, or merely contemplating on improving your grasp of the Japanese Language, the Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia has just the right course to suit your requirement.
Public Class
Duration : 3 months
Time : 7.00 – 9.00 pm
Total Hours : 50 hours
Fee : RM 485 (including books & CDs)

In- House Course (for Companies)
Duration : Available upon request

Description10 pax & below
11-15 pax
16 – 20 pax
Basic 1RM 6000RM 7000RM 8000
Basic 11RM 6000
RM 7000RM 8000
Inter 1RM 7000
RM 8000RM 9000
Inter 11RM 7000RM 8000RM 9000
AdvanceRM 8000RM 9000RM 10000