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The Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia

The Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia (PAAM), or in English the "AOTS Alumni Society of Malaysia" was officially set up in 1985 by a group of Malaysians who had undergone either the management or technical training programmes with the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS).

Aim & Objectives :

1. Communication

To foster continuous friendship, mutual understanding and effective communication between PAAM members in Malaysia and The Association For Overseas Technical Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as AOTS) in Japan and other countries.

2. Experienced professional

To select and nominate candidates from Malaysia for AOTS sponsored courses and in-plant training programmes in Japan and in other countries.

3. Work Opportunities

To work closely with AOTS Japan in the fields of economy, science, technology and education.

4. Membership

To organise functions and activities for PAAM members.

5. Human Resource Development

To promote human resource development in Malaysia.

7. Equity Holding

In line with and in furtherance of its aims and objectives, PAAM may hold equity in companies incorporated in Malaysia.

6. Properties

To hold, purchase and / or lease of immovable properties for the purpose of achieving the aims and objectives as stated above and for any other collateral objectives.

Team of Professionals

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Federation of South-East Asian Alumni Societies (FOSAAS), PAAM

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The Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia together with its associate from Penang i.e Pertubuhan Alumni ABK / AOTS are the Malaysian representatives in one of the six Regional Federations made up of more than 60 alumni societies worldwide. As a member society of the Federation of South-East Asian Alumni Societies (FOSAAS), PAAM has the chance to provide further inputs towards regional human resource skill enhancements during meetings which are regularly held every one or two years. Discussions on common issues for inter- and intra-regional cooperation are also held especially since each member nation looks towards AOTS for support in general and each other in particular. Through these channels, various unique programs have been developed and put into practice.

PAAM is housed in its own building which is a 4 storey building located in Damansara Jaya (behind Atria), Petaling Jaya. The Centre is equipped with several seminar rooms that can accommodate for classes or lectures, a library and an administrative office.

Membership of Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia

Every application for membership shall be made in a prescribed form and it shall be proposed and seconded by two ( 2 ) existing members ( either ordinary member or life member). The duly completed form together with the prescribed fees shall be submitted to the Honorary General Secretary and shall be posted on the notice board for at least one week.

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