Every application for membership shall be made in a prescribed form and it shall be proposed and seconded by two ( 2 ) existing members ( either ordinary member or life member). The duly completed form together with the prescribed fees shall be submitted to the Honorary General Secretary and shall be posted on the notice board for at least one week. If no objection is received within the period, the application shall be submitted to the Central Committee for approval.Membership in PAAM consists of:

1. Life Member

2. Ordinary Member

3.Affiliate Member

Membership Fee
RM 30.00 (Annual Renewal Fee)
Life Membership
RM 300.00 (One time Fee)
Affiliate Membership
RM 500.00 (One time Fee)

One time Entrance fee : RM 20.00 compulsory for each application

Life Members

Life Membership shall be open to any Ordinary Member who has duly paid the life membership fees.Life Membership for those who fulfill the ordinary members and who have paid the life membership fees may also be accepted.

Ordinary Members

Ordinary Membership shall be open to all Malaysians above the age of 18 who have attended any course, in-plant training or any other programmes on AOTS/HIDA Scholarships or Programmes conducted by AOTS/HIDA and PAAM.Ordinary Membership shall have the right to vote but shall not hold office in PAAM.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership shall be open to any legally constituted organisation, registered society and public enterprise.Affiliate members shall have no right to vote or to hold office in PAAM.

For the Membership Form, please download here :