Newsletter No.56

Welcome to the first issue of our Newsletter for year 2008.

The Malaysian General Election fever has just been over. However, our Persatuan’s election for the Central Committee Members (CCM) this Annual General Meeting (AGM) will not be as feverish as the Malaysian 12th General Election. In fact we normally find it quite difficult to nominate candidates for the posts. I believe the reason is that to be a YB (Yang Berhormat) is more prestigious than holding a post in our Persatuan. However, those of you who would like to contribute to our Alumni Society and therefore also our Malaysian Society, please do come on 20th April 2008 to offer your services. You may find that it could be ‘personally fulfilling’ – in terms of personal development to contribute your time and ideas to help our Persatuan move forward. Your ideas as a CCM can certainly make our Persatuan a better non-governmental organization and a success story for other AOTS Alumni Societies in the world to follow. I look forward to meet as many of you as possible at our 2008 AGM.

Last year we successfully organized PAAM Annual Dinner (AOTS Nite) – 180 members & guests attended this occasion. A week before this event, a few our Central Committee Members including representatives from branch office participated in the 7th FOSAAS Convention held in Vietnam. Our Central Committee Members were also privileged to welcome and personally meet Mr. Kazuo Kaneko the newly appointed AOTS President last December 2007.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your contributions towards the success of our Persatuan, the last six years that I have served you as President. At the same time, I humbly seek your kind forgiveness for all the shortcomings that I have exhibited during my term as a President. It has been an enlightening time to meet many members, especially those who have selflessly sacrificed their time and efforts towards the success of our Persatuan. I am pleased to note that our Persatuan is highly regarded among the AOTS Alumni Societies community in the world, and all of you can be justifiably proud of this achievement.

Please feel free to contact me to share your thoughts and ideas. I wish all of you success in your undertakings, and good health to you and your family.


A Courtesy Visit
by Mr. Kazuo Kaneko, newly appointed President of AOTS Japan
to AOTS KL & PAAM office on 10 Dec 2007

Mr. Kaneko with AOTS staff (KL office)

PAAM staff, Ms. Siti and Ms. Angela
with AOTS President, Mr. Kaneko

The 7th FOSAAS Convention At Ho Chi Minh City
(21st – 24th November 2007)

2007 has been an exciting year for the Alumni with the many successful events carried out during the year. One event that I would like to share with you is my experience at the FOSAAS Convention held in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).

The 7th FOSAAS Convention was successfully held and hosted by the AOTS Vietnam Alumni Society from 21st to 24th November 2007, under the capable leadership of Mr. Pham Xuan Mai – The Chairman. The theme of the Convention is: For Industrial Human Resource Development in the Region. It was attended by nearly 100 participants from 9 national alumni societies from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

The Malaysian delegation of 10 participants from Klang Valley, Penang, Sarawak and Johor was headed by PAAM President Encik Aziz.

The main agenda of the Convention was to receive report and sharing from the Alumni Societies on:

1) How to access local Human Resource Development needs

2) Successful industrial HRD cases of Alumni and Alumni Organizations

3) How to maintain a live-contact and networking with Ex-Trainees in the region

4) Co-operation between local industries and Japanese enterprises

5) Report on other new activities implemented by Alumni Society and future plan

 Some of the delegates from Malaysia

 Delegates visiting Reunification Museum

The Convention concluded with the presentation of some resolutions and proposals to be implemented to the new chairman of the 8th FOSAAS host from Thailand. The Vietnamese organizers did a very good job by bringing all the FOSAAS delegates to various tourist sites, in particular Ho Chi Minh City which has some amazing natural places to discover and spend some time to explore. The few attractions that I like to share with you are the Cuchi Tunnel, Caodai Temple and Reunification Museum.

Cuchi Tunnels is now considered a heroic district for its role in the anti-American war in Vietnam. Its network of 220km tunnel system is an amazing engineering feat.

The Caodai Temple is one of the most unique holy worship places in Asia. It caters for mix religion of Buddhism, Christianity and Confucian to worship at one venue.

The Reunification Museum was at one time the residence of President Ngo Dinh Diem and the Palace witnessed
several political events. During the 1962 Saigon Army coup d’etat group, the palace was bombed and destroyed

bears the Chinese character “Gut” which also means good fortune. In 1975, the tank of Liberation Forces hit and inclined the auxiliary gate of the palace unifying the people of North-South Regions as one carrying the wish of President Ho Chi Minh. It is now known as the Reunification Palace.

The Convention and the tour bring back lots of sweet memories and the experiences through this friendship exchange.

Delegates from 9 National Alumni Societies taking photo for remembrance

During FOSAAS Nite, representatives in Vietnamese national costume


Sayonara Dinner
for Mr. Kaneko @ Bangsar with CCMs,
AOTS & PAAM staff on 10th Dec 2007.

A photo with Mr. Kaneko to remember

Candid photos throughout the dinner…

 Mr. Kaneko thanking PAAM members for their continuous cooperation

AOTS Training Course, cooperation with PAAM & NPC
on “QC Problem Solving Approach (Quality Control)”
in Kuala Lumpur
on 14th & 15th January 2008


Participants attentively following the lecture on Quality Control…

 Teamwork during group discussion. Enjoying the ride

In Malaysia, especially in Selangor state. These training programs have assisted in instilling in our people a sense of good work ethic, culture as well as imparting technical knowledge. Encouraging words translating to even greater feeling to hear first hand that from YB Dato’ Tang See Hang from the Selangor State Executive Council.

It was on November 30th, 2007 that the Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia (PAAM) had another great event, its 22nd annual AOTS Nite at a renowned resort hotel in Shah Alam. With the Theme for the evening, Back to 50’s, to commemorate our 50th Independence, and to reminisce our past history, 180 participants gathered that beautiful night to share the excitement. Its success was indeed the icing after months of planning and hard work by the organizing committee.

The presence of Y.B. Dato’ Tang See Hang, Selangor State Senior Executive Councillor, as the Guest of Honour was indeed an endorsement by the Selangor State Government of the 2 Associations’ contribution to the state. He further went on to elaborate that the state government appreciated the many technical and management training programs organized by AOTS in cooperation with PAAM to train workforce particularly in the private sectors.

The evening portrayed a truly muhibah and international crowd with Malaysians mingling in harmony with our Japanese and Singaporean friends. Representatives from the Embassy of Japan and other organizations such as JETRO, ALEPS, MyJica and JAGAM not only came to support us but to enjoy the good food and company. We also had members coming from as far as Kuantan and Johor Bahru. Corporate members such as Sumitomo E.S.C, Toshiba Electronics, UMW Industries, Miyazu, Nippon Wiper Blade, Kuroda Precision, RRIM-Consult Corp, Perodua Manufacturing and Sunway Construction made the evening even more meaningful. Our brothers from the down south, AOTS Alumni Society of Singapore made the party complete. It was a perfect platform to network, meet old friends and make new friends along the way.

The entertainment continued throughout the evening with wonderful music performed by a live band. With the room filled with Samba and Mambo, what better way than to serve out sumptuous food. Some preferred to sit and enjoy the food and entertainment, while others were seen networking and exchanging business cards. Besides PAAM’s small token of appreciation, the door gifts, lucky draws were also given out with some having their hands full.Feedback from those present was that everyone had a great time.

We wish to thank all our members, corporate members, guests, sponsoring companies and friends who took their time to come and support PAAM. It is PAAM’s hope that more members come forward to support and participate in all our programs for many years to come. Thank you.

 En. Aziz, PAAM President
AOTS General Manager
on the stage

Mr. Kodaira,
 AOTS General Manager
on the stage

 Our Guest-of-Honour,
Y.B. Dato’ Tang See
Hang delivering his keynote address

 AOTS Alumni Society of Singaporepresenting a memento to PAAM


Some of the committee members from AOTS Alumni Society of Singapore with
Mr. Yang & Mr. Kodaira on 30th Nov 2007