Newsletter No.54

Welcome to this issue of our Newsletter.

However, I notice that we do not appear to have “new” things to report, or new articles. This i s where we look forward to members’ contributions.

Therefore, please start writing an article or sharing your training experiences (whether in Malaysia or in Japan). A summary of what you believe are the highlights of your training experience, would help increase other members’ knowledge.

A “back-to-nature” outing to Sg Chongkak Forest Reserve was successfully organized by the Social Sub-committee. I understand t h a t everyone had a good time in the cool clean river. We look forward to similar good response from our members for other activities (such as our tea-talks).

I wish all of you success in your undertakings, and great health to you and your family!


23rd MAFAAS Meeting at Ipoh on 20th May 2007 by: E.s Lim

PAAM & ABK Penang are the members of the Malaysian Federation of AOTS Alumni Societies (MAFAAS). PAAM and the ABK will meet to plan for joint activities to benefit mutual members. The MAFAAS meeting was attended by:


Mr. A. Aziz Y. Kamaruddin (President)

Madam Au Yong (Vice President)

Mr. Lim Eng Swee (Asst. Treasurer)

ABK Penang:

Ms. Rachel Wong Lai Cheun (President)

Ms. Melina Tay Wah Sim (Secretary)

Mr. Geron Ngo (Treasurer)

AOTS KL Office:

Mr. Masami Kodaira (General Manager)

MAFAAS meetings are a good platform where both the Malaysian AOTS alumni societies get to know each other, share their experiences and promote closer relationship through work cooperation. Some important topics discussed in this MAFMS meeting were:

1. ABK introduced the newly elected main committee members and provided the Minutes of the last MAFAAS meeting. Like wise PAAM also introduced its main committee members.

2. At this meeting, there were exchange of experiences and organizing details on specific topics such as Trainings, Tea-talks and how to carry out regional entrepreneur seminars for Asian, African regions.

3. ABK also introduced its recent seminar, the “Blue Ocean’ business strategy setting.

4. For the purpose of sharing information and to build a data base for future implementation of training courses, both societies agreed to collect major information regarding:

a) Details of lecturers trainers and their profiles (CVs).

b) Subjects and training courses that the lecturers can provide.

c) Experiences of the lecturer and public courses conducted.

d) Other abilities of the lecturer.

After the meeting, members participated in a meaningful and fruitful way of promoting relationship: We made a short visit to a famous nearby tropical fruit plantation, the Khas Berniaga Limau Tambun Plantation.

Representatives from PAAM, ABK Penang & AOTS KL Office
MAFAAS Meeting in process

Mr. P.M. Low autographing his book for members.

En. Aziz presenting a token of appreciation to the speaker, Mr. P.M. Low.

Happy with the presentation.
Members with the original book written by the speaker.

Training Course on Leadership for Supervisors and Managers (31st May – 1st June 2007) in Melaka.

Group discussion with the lecturer, Mr. Murotomi Masatatsu from Japan.
A presentation by one of the participants.

Training Course on Leadership for Supervisors and Managers (28th – 29th June 2007) in Kuala Lumpur.

One for the album ….
At the end of the training, each of the participants was asked to evaluate the training.

Training Course on Gemba Kaizen (Basic) Part I (26th – 27th June 2007) in Johor Bahru.

Full attention from the participants. Sharing knowledge with each other.

Pre-Orientation / Briefing

On 18th May 2007, the Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia successfully organized yet another pre-orientationl briefing at PAAM’s office which was conducted by Ms. Sharon Lim. The participants had the chance to learn about the experiences and knowledge of Ms. Sharon Lim when she joined the earlier Hippo Homestay Program. A total of 15 participants from Kuala Lumpur and Penang together with their parents attended the briefing. Unfortunately 2 participants from Sarawak were unable to come due to the long distance. However, the information and documentation were provided and given to them accordingly.

The briefing was divided into 4 important parts:

1. Planning BEFORE TRIP

2. What to do DURING the homestay

3. What to do BEFORE LEAVING Japan

4. POST-RETURN activities

Ms. Sharon gave her advice on the common customs of Japan i.e. their cultural, social and interaction to the Malaysian participants. It was indeed a good exposure for the participants as they were also informed of the DO’S and DONT’s during the homestay. A big thank you to Ms. Sharon Lim for taking time off to assist us in conducting this pre-orientation. One of the participants Ms.Caylice Ong also elaborated on the past experiences as she joined this similar program in the past.

We wish all the participants an enjoyable Hippo Homestay!

Participants and families in full concentration during the pre-orientation.
Get to know you session among the participants before going to Japan.

Photo Highlights – Hippo Homestay Program When at KLIA … by: S i t i

Once again, PAAM organized the program that everybody waited for, which is Hippo Homestay. Hippo Homestay is a program that makes it possible for both Malaysian and Japanese people to stay together in the most informal manner, either in Malaysia or Japan. The homestay is normally 8 to 10 days and guaranteed to bring you a lot of memories as well as the opportunity to learn another peoples culture and language.

This year, the program saw 14 participants from Kuala Lumpur, 1 from Penang and another 2 from Sarawak. They left KLIA on 25th May 2007.

Continue after they left KLIA on 25th May 2007 PAAM staff also came to provide morale support to them on that day. It was a joyful day for everybody. Even before they left for Japan some of them were already getting in touch with their host families. The Hippo Homestay in Tokyo, Japan lasted for eight days i.e. from 26th May – 2nd June 2007. PAAM’s task was made much easier as all the participants came on time for the check-in. If you would like to experience the once-in-a-life time homestay in Japan, please be on the look out for our next Hippo Homestay Program, scheduled to be held sometimein May 2008. To be continued … Hippo Homestay participants will be sharing their experiences in the next issue.

Group photo of participants at KLIA on 25th May 07.

Remember!! The DO’S & DONT’s. Cheerful faces before going to Japan.

In 1985 the first PROTEM COMMITTEE was formed by the following members:










PAAM was established as a result of the Malaysian government’s ‘Look East’ policy. The first batch of Malaysian trainees to Japan were sent in 1982. Subsequently 7 batches of such trainees attended many technical training programs in Japan. These trainees were from the public and private sectors. On 25th March 1988 the Alumni and AOTS Japan welcomed the ‘Look East’ Mission Group which consisted of Mr. Momri of Ministry Of Trade and Industry Japan, Mr. Kaoda of Ishikawajima-Harumi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and Mr. Watanabe of AOTS Japan.
Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia is proud to announce that we have successfully organized many activities for members, both at the local as well as international levels. As mentioned by the President on the 10th April 2005 during PAAM 20th AGM, the hard work of the past and present Central Committees have indeed put PAAM in the top tenth position among the world’s AOTS Alumni Societies, in terms of activities and financial soundness.

Persatuan Alumni AOTS (PMM) is a non-profit organization. As such it needs all the support from the members as well as constructive ideas and suggestions to move forward and serve members better. Thus far, the consistent support of AOTS (The Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship), Japan has enabled us to organize activities such as local seminars, conventions, and Japanese language, which has helped enhance technology transfer between Malaysia and Japan.

Advisory Panel Member

A courtesy visit
by Ms. Masako Kamitomai,

Program Director (Transnational Division)
LEX / Hippo Family Club Japan
to PAAM AOTS office on 26th March 2007.


Mr.Watanabe and Ms. Kamitornai


PAAM staff with Ms. Kamitomai


This is to inform that effective May 2007, Madam Au Yong Hui Nee resigned from the Central Committee of PAAM. Her departure from PAAM was due to her relocation to Penang, to take up a new appointment with a university. During her 8 years “service” with PAAM, she was the Internal Auditor in 1999, an Honorary Secretary and later on as a Vice President. She was very active as a resource person in PAAM training program. On behalf of all PAAM members, we would like to wish her all the best.

Madam Au Yong receiving a token of appreciation from En. Aziz, President of PAAM.

Great pose while waiting for others to arrive.

Memorable photo during the farewell party on 28th June 07.
If you are thinking of doing business with Japanese companies or working1 planning to work for a Japanese organization or sending your stafflchildren for training or education in Japan, or merely contemplating on improving your grasp of the Japanese Language, the Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia has just the right course to suit your requirement.
Public Class Duration : 3 months Time : 7.00 – 9.00 pm Total Hours : 50 hours Fee : RM 485 (including books & CDs) In-House Course (for Companies) Duration : Available upon request
Description 10 pax & below 11-15 pax 16 – 20 pax
Basic 1 RM 6000 RM 7000 RM 8000
Basic 11 RM 6000 RM 7000 RM 8000
Inter 1 RM 7000 RM 8000 RM 9000
Inter 11 RM 7000 RM 8000 RM 9000
Advance RM 8000 RM 9000 RM 10000
Japanese Language In-House Course for AEON Co. (M) Bhd. Dedicated sensei, Enami san

AEON Co. (M) Bhd. enrolled its staff for Intensive Japanese Language Course organized by PAAM. A total of 12 students joined the 3 months class which started on 26th February 2007. They completed their course on 3rd July 2007. Equipped with basic Japanese Language, they will undergo their 6 months training program in Japan.

Full concentration from the students. Memorable photo of AEON Co. (M) Bhd, students, Sejima sensei, Ms.Ednawati (Training Manager of AEON Co.(M) Bhd) & PAAM staff on 3rd July 07.