Newsletter No.52

Welcome to the first issue of our Newsletter for 2007. The major activity before this year was our Annual Dinner which was successfully held on 14th December 2006. Our thanks go to the organizing sub-committee who worked hard to ensure its success.

At the World Convention in Mumbai from 11th -12th September 2006, PAAM announced that Malaysia is willing to host the next World Convention scheduled to be held in 2010. Mexico also offered to host, so there are now two possible venues for the next World Convention.

Our contribution towards the Japanese Festival in Malaysia for 2006 was a Seminar on Kaizen held successfully on 7th September 2006 with the excellent cooperation of the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and the Japanese Embassy of Malaysia.

The first major achievement for 2007 was our successful “AFRO-ASIAN Entrepreneurs Program” held from 17th -25th January 2007. Eighteen international participants from Ghana (10), Sri Lanka (5), Sudan (2) and Tanzania (1) successfully completed the Program. Their highly positive feedback will undoubtedly inspire the hardworking Organizing Committee (ably led by Mr. Theodore Wong) to host the next one.

Thank you for your kind support of our activities.

I wish all of you success in all your undertakings, and the best of health to you and your family.


The 7th World Convention was successfully held in Mumbai, India – more famously as Bollywood from 11th to 12th Sept 2006. It was a hectic two days of meetings because of the tight program. PAAM’s President En. Aziz was given the honor to Chair Group D Workshop which, discussed policies and issues related to the running of the World Network of Friendship (WNF) Fund and Programs. PAAM also took the opportunity to formally announce Malaysia’s offer to host the next World Convention.

Group photo with some of the delegates from other countries.
PAAM’s Representatives. Sharing ideas together
PAAM President representing a souvenir to AOTS President Mr. Ogawa as remembrance.

PAAM 21st annual dinner was held successfully at one of the hotels in Shah Alam on 14th December 2006. A total of 170 people attended this wonderful occasion, which consist of PAAM members, representatives from companies and individual guests who wanted to show their support to PAAM and AOTS.

We were pleased to have Mr. Daisuke Yamamoto, the representative from the Embassy of Japan, as the guest of honor to grace the event.

CCM, Staff and working committee

Training Course on Gemba Kaizen Basic 1 (6 -7 Nov 2006) and Basic 11 (11 – 12 Nov 2006) in Penang, Malaysia.

Participants paying full attention. Questions and answers session

Training Course on Gemba Kaizen Basic 1 (11 – 12 Dec 2006) and Basic 11 (14 – 15 Dec 2006) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Discussion among group members During factory visit to ASSB plant in Shah Alam.

Day 7: Saturday, June 4, 2005

Today is an outing day with Takahashi family who lives in a kondominium near Shukugawa Station. Toyonori is a businessman while Aiko was a stewardess. They have 2 lovely daughters. They like traveling so I invited them to visit Malaysia. When I told them I have 6 brothers and sisters, they were so amazed! I remember Hirooki-chan told me that a Japanese family can only afford 2 children.

After a short walk alongside the river nearby their house, we went back home. Aiko then served grilled salmon, sweet potato mashed with raisins and yogurt, rice and steamed broccoli. How delicious!

That late afternoon was another HIPPO Club activities at their neighborhood centre. They asked me a lot about Malaysia. I was surprised they hardly know Malaysia. So I thought, ‘Yes, this is the time!’ I felt like an ambassador promoting Malaysia as much as I can. Perhaps Ministry of Tourism should give me some commission on that! But of course it is my duty as a citizen of this country.

With some of the HIPPO Family Club members.
A Japanese young girl talking about her family photograph in Russian. Everybody seems to feel at ease at the gathering

Day 8: Sunday, June 5, 2005

As planned, Hirooki-chan drove us to Kyoto. It took almost an hour to reach Kyoto from Nishinomiya City through the highway. This time, we are going to visit the temples and shrines at the western part.

The whole stretch of highway in Japan is designed with a
barrer to reduce noice pollution produced by the speed vehicles

The first temple we went to was the Kinkakuji or also known as the Golden Pavilion. It is a Zen temple formally known as Rokuonji. The construction started in 1397 as part of a new residence for the retired shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu. After Yoshimitsu’s death in 1408, Kinkakuji was converted into a Zen temple. The temple functions as shariden, housing sacred relics of the Buddha and is covered in gold leaf.

Rina-chan and I posing in front of the
Golden Pavillion which is listed under
the world heritage site.
The present building dates from 1955 as
the pavilion was burnt by a
fanatic monk in 1950.

Next we went to the Silver Pavillion, or also known as Ginkakuji. It is a Zen temple at the foot of Kyoto’s Higashiyama (“eastern mountains”). In 1482, shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa built his retirement villa on the grounds of today’s temple. A few years later, the Silver Pavilion, modeled after Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), was constructed. Similar to the case of Golden Pavillion, the villa was converted into a Zen temple after Yoshimasa’s death in 1490.

After the Silver Temple, we headed to Ryoanji Temple which is said to be the most popular among the foreigners because it is full of Zen. It is a world famous stone garden that has been laid out since as early as the 16th century.

The Rock Garden is the main attraction of the Ryoanji Temple.

After 1482, plans to cover the pavilion in silver were never realized. But still it was called the Silver Pavillion.

Must not miss a moment at the villa of a
famous shogun of Japan

Half Day Seminar on Kaizen: Improving Efficiency with Kaizen In International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) By: Angie

On 7th of September 2006, the Persatuan Alumni AOTS Malaysia (PAAM) successfully organized its Kaizen seminar for the 5th time. A similar seminar was held in University Putra Malaysia in 2004. This year the seminar was jointly organized with the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak. The event was in support of the Japan Festival in Malaysia 2006. The welcome address was delivered by Associate Professor Dr. Khaliq Ahmad, the Director of Management Center, IIUM. The Embassy of Japan was represented by Mr. Daisuke Yamamoto, First Secretary for Public Relations & Director of Japan Information Service. It was attended by 60 participants consisting mostly of the academic and office staff of IIUM. Besides PAAM members, we also had participants from as far as Seremban, Negri Sembilan. This half day seminar started off with Mr. Lim Eng Swee’s presentation. Mr. Lim is a Central Committee Member. His presentation was focused on 5S, which he presented to suit the audience and included with a video show on 5S.

Mr. Theodore Wong took over the second session with an elaboration on Kaizen and its methodologies. Mr. Wong is also a PAAM member. He explained that Kaizen in fact was more than just a practice in the office/workplace; it is a discipline that can be practiced in our daily lives.

The feedback received from participants was constructively positive. Some felt that the seminar was invigorating; while others suggested it should be repeated and organized in the near future.

A big thank you to the International Islamic University Malaysia and the Embassy of Japan for the excellent cooperation and strong support extended to PAAM!

Mr. Watanabe receiving a souvenir from Dr. Khaliq Ahmad the Director of Management Center, IIUM
Mr. Yamamoto, representative from the Embassy of Japan Mr. Lim started the first session on Kaizen seminar

Health Talk on “What is Medical Check-up and Its Implication” on 16th September 2006 at PAAM’s Training Room

Our invited speaker Dr. Shong Chin Min.
Participants are happy with the presentation. Young and old attended the tea-talk.
More explanation on the implications.

Deepa Raya Dinner

Hosted by CCM Mr. Subra and En. Zakaria

Memorable Photo

Memorable Photo with Mr. Suzuki (President of Hippo Club Japan) and his wife during their recent visit to Malaysia. Photo taken at PAAM/AOTS office on 30th January 2007.